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Executive Committee

Prof. Rocco Barazzoni, M.D., Chairman

Prof. Stéphane Schneider M.D., Treasurer

Prof. Cristina Cuerda, M.D., General Secretary

María D. Ballesteros-Pomar and Mihailo Bezmarević, IT Communication Officers

Mrs Monica Falzoni-  ESPEN Membership Administration
Contact for all your questions concerning ESPEN Blockmembership and Individual membership, membership advantages, proof of age for junior and senior memberships, problems in getting access to the ESPEN journals online etc.
Tel (GMT +1) : Office: +39 051 230 385

Miss Émilie Corniglion, Assistant to Prof. Stéphane Schneider, Treasurer of ESPEN
Contact for all your questions concerning membership invoicing, management of the books of accounts and payments.

LLL administration office and helpdesk : LLLhelpdesk(at) or nutritionadmin(at)
For all your questions concerning LLL online and live courses, LLL account, credits, Teach the Teacher courses (TLLL), diploma, exams and general support for LLL and TLLL.

Mrs Chiara Ruffinengo, Assistant to the General Secretary

Contact address for your questions to the Scientific Committee Chairman and members of the Scientific Committee ; Research Fellowship Grants and other ESPEN grants applications.

Contact address for your questions to the Educational Committee

Espen(at) (general questions) - EspenR(at) (registration)
Contact for all questions related to the registration to the annual ESPEN Congress, abstract submission, technical exhibition, hotel reservation.
MCI Suisse - Tel : +41 22 33 99 580 - Fax : +41 22 33 99 631


ESPEN, The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, is a non-profit organisation, registered under number F.8909 in the Luxembourg Societies Registry.
Headquarter office address : 121 rue de Muhlenbach, 2168 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg