ESPEN Workshop - Nutritional Screening & Assessment in Adults

On April 18 and 19, the ESPEN workshop Nutritional Screening and Assessment was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our participants, dietitians, medical doctors, a pharmacist and a physiotherapist, came from all over Europe. The days included theory, practice (on ourselves) and patient visits and measurements. We were excited to be able to give the workshop again; it was the first one after Covid.

The days have been very inspiring and all participants would have wanted the course to last a few days longer. We had excellent reviews from the workshop and plan to repeat the workshop in 2025. View Program here

 ESPEN Workshop 2024 1

ESPEN Workshop 2024 5

ESPEN Workshop 2024 4

ESPEN Workshop 2024 2

ESPEN Workshop - Nutritional Screening and Assessment in AdultsESPEN Workshop - Nutritional Screening and Assessment in Adults